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Welcome to Buddy's Superstore!

We are dedicated to providing you with quality pet products for dogs and cats at low prices. Our superstore is a convenient one stop shopping experience for all your pet needs.

Products for Dogs


Products for Cats

Make Cleaning Up Cleaner And Easier

Pets are wonderful companions for people of all ages, but cleaning up after a sick animal or one that isn’t house broken or has an accident—yuck!  Most cleaning products aren’t made for picking up after dogs and cats.  Newspapers and other paper products don’t do the trick unless you use a ton of them, and if you use rubber gloves for dishwashing, you certainly wouldn’t want to reuse them after picking up after sick dogs and cats.

Car Seat Products For Dogs And Cats

Are you tired of cleaning hair and pet grime off your car seats?  Do you already use human products like old blankets and comforters that don’t do anything for your dogs and cats except cause them to slide all over the seat every time you turn a corner or hit the brakes?  Did you know that there are actually products for dogs and cats that make traveling cleaner and more comfortable, without the confinement of a crate?

Sleep Tight Products For Dogs And Cats

If you’re in the market for quality products that are specifically designed for the special needs, wants, and desires of dogs and cats, you’ve come to the right place!  We carry some of the best pet care products on the market—treats, beds, toys, apparel, whatever you need—and they’re all for dogs and cats.

Food Products That Are Good For Your Pets

Finding quality food products for dogs and cats can become problematic, especially when you have a houseful of pets and they go through the food fast than you can pick up the products.  If you have to buy kibbles for two small dogs and one or two cats, no problem.  Smaller animals don’t eat as much.  But if you have a family of German Shepards, that’s a lot of mouths to feed, not to mention the cost.  Food products for dogs and cats can be more costly then human food products, which in some cases are substituted for pet foods!  Dogs and cats may love what you eat, but most people foods aren’t good for them.

Cute Cures For Kitty Boredom

Cats are always getting into mischief.  They antagonize the dog, tear holes in the curtains and screens, knock over priceless heirlooms, ignore most products that are designed for dogs and cats, and pay the utmost to all the products that aren’t.  But they are beloved anyway.  In fact, we shop for our pet dogs and cats in the same determined way we shop for ourselves.  We look for quality products that are good for dogs and cats but not always so good for our bankbooks.  We don’t mind, either.  After all, pets can’t buy the products themselves, and even if they could, they would probably choose all the things that aren’t intended for dogs and cats!

Doggie Warmth And Fashion

If you have a dog that loves to play outside, chances are he or she comes in cold and wet more times than not.  Most animals love the outdoors, but their coats don’t keep them warm in the coldest months of winter, and playing in the rain can be a nightmare for the pet’s owner.  Humans can go through a ton of laundry products washing out all the towels they use for the purpose of drying their dogs and cats.  But most people aren’t as concerned about the products they use for pet care as they are about quality play time for their dogs and cats.

Gates And Exercise Pens

All pet owners love and enjoy the company of their pets, often going so far as to choose various products for their dogs and cats that are more expensive than some of the products they buy for themselves.  Dogs and cats are two of the most popular pets in the world.  They provide entertainment and joy, can aid in the reduction of stress, are loyal companions to the end, and in some cases protect a home from intruders.  These reasons and many more are why pet lovers everywhere choose only the best products for their dogs and cats.

Just The Right Amount

Pet feeding can be tricky when the human has a full time job.  Food products are often left out for the dogs and cats to nibble on throughout the day, along with fresh bowls of water.  Dry food products designed for dogs and cats aren’t going to spoil and won’t grow mold in eight or ten hours, but unfortunately this trick doesn’t work very well for dogs.  In fact, all consumable products left out for dogs will likely be gone before you start your car and drive away.  Cats, on the other hand, will probably still be nibbling when you return at the end of the day.

Great Pet Products For Less

Do you ever get the feeling that every time you need new products for your dogs and cats, the stores raise the prices just before you walked through the door?  You end up buying the overpriced products because there’s nothing you won’t do for your dogs and cats, but you’re frustrated.  You’re tired of being taken advantage of just because you happen to be a pet lover.  You want quality products for your dogs and cats, but if only you could get them for prices that don’t leave you feeling like you just got the wool pulled over your eyes.

Everything You Need

Are you in the market for a fashionable carrying crate for your little dog?  Perhaps a fun new toy that Miss Kitty has never seen before and might actually play with?  We have a whole world of great products for your dogs and cats, and since we carry everything you need right here, you don’t have to spend all morning browsing websites that only carry certain products for dogs and cats.  Yes, there are other stores that only carry pet goods, but not all of them only carry products for dogs and cats, and not all of them offer a great deal on every item in the store!


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